• Location Individual and Family Portraits
  • Business and Industry Location Head Shots
  • Real Estate and Architecture -  Interior/ Exterior Photography
  • Corporate and Charity Event Photography
  • Digital Restoration and Retouching
One of the most frustrating aspects of selecting a Portrait  photographer is understanding what things cost, what’s included and what’s not.
You have many options, and we strive to make our packages clear.

  • 0001- 1300 square feet - $250.00
  • 1301- 2500 square feet - $400.00
  • 2501- 3500 square feet - $550.00
  • 3501- 5000 square feet - $750.00
  • 5001- 7500 square feet - $1200.00
  • 7501-UP - Price Negotiable

If you have any questions, please contact us.
At Ralph Auletta Photography, we don't believe one size fits all. We've created a range of packages to help you identify what's important to you.
Each photo-session is tailored to meet your needs and expectations.
If you've purchased the digital images of your  photos, your retouching services will  include a digital copy of the originals
and a copy of the high-resolution, retouched file.